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    i hope you can advise me I have a 4 year old female blue Shar Pei and just last Thursday evening has been wetting herself in her sleep. She had never done this before as she has always been very clean.i took her to the vets who ran a urine sample nothing came up her urine does have a strong smell though like metal.her temperature is normal.She does have an ear infection and a bad tooth at the moment but her infection markers came back ok.

    she is eating and drinking fine.

    Phoebe was spayed at 1 years old.

    The vet has put her on medication to help spayed dogs who may have a weakness in the bladder but 3 nights on is still wetting herself.

    i hope you may be able to help or advise me as I’m very worried it’s something more serious.

    many thanks


    Jonathan Hadley
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    Hi Sarah,

    I’m sorry to hear about Phoebe’s continence issues. It must be quite distressing for her and yourself. If the urine sample was clear then female urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence is a possibility, especially if the accidents are occurring when she is lying down. There are a number of medications available which have a high success rate so it’s worth persevering. Surgery is also an option but a full work-up should be considered beforehand. This includes imaging, and often contrast based radiographs to assess the urinary tract as very occasionally the plumbing to the bladder may be abnormal. I’d have another word with your vet and they should be able to guide you.

    I hope this helps,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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