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    Good Morning (I guess at this time…)


    We rehomed a Shar Pei approximately two and a half years ago after she had a difficult start to life with an abusive and neglectful owner. We have never had any “problems” with her behaviourally until the last month or so and we are perplexed as to what it could be. We have taken her to the vet (Shar Pei Specialist) who has unfortunately been unsuccessful in ascertaining what her problem might be. We noticed (approximately one month ago) that whenever she came into the living room, her tail would drop and her senses appeared alarmed – she absolutely was not her “normal” self. For some unknown reason, she appears absolutely spooked whenever she enters the living room. We cannot think of any trigger or cause that may have set this off, no traumatic events or anything like and it was (until these last few days) completely isolated to the living room. Last night, she adopted this behaviour in our bedroom; a place where she would normally spend most of her time curled up on the bed. Her tail was lowered and she was huffing and puffing unhappily. We thought she may have been hot and allowed her to sleep in one of her beds downstairs which we assume she did until the early hours of this morning (yesterday – Monday) when she came back up and jumped back on the end of the bed. This evening she has displayed the same behaviour without any settling. She has paced up and down the hallway since we attempted to go to bed at 21:30 and has wanted to go out into the garden – and appeared like she wanted to sleep out there – something she has never done.


    We have tried coercing her with treats, allowing her to come and go when she wants, giving her cuddles when she spends a period of time in the room (without shaking, panting, scanning etc). We have a Adaptil PlugIn which has not proved successful in the slightest.


    Initially we were worried in regards to possible health complaints however the vet did not seem too concerned in regards to these. We cannot think of a known trigger or cause as she normally has enjoyed being in both rooms – playing, sleeping, cuddling… We appreciate the house has recently undergone a big of a transformation with an extension and some work however there has always been a degree of on-going work as we bought a renovation project – so even this is something that is not completely new as it has not been a quick process. We’ve considered whether she may be having a phantom pregnancy however she is not possessive of any toys in particular or appear to be guarding herself positionally and we have also considered whether the house has any additions residents to myself, my Wife and the dog as the previous couple who we bought the house from are no longer alive (little crazy I know!) …


    Any help and guidance would be hugely appreciated because it absolutely kills my Wife and I seeing her as vulnerable and unsettled as this.



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