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    Hi there, my 10 year old shar pei, Buddy,  who suffers intermittently with shar pei fever has been very ill with it recently, with cysts bursting on his hocks and developing gangrene. He has had surgery and his wounds are being cared for whist we await the results of the biopsy. The vets feel that there is some flesh eating element to what is going on as they found lots of dead flesh, In himself, he is very bright, happy and active – he does not seem to realise how ill he is. His dressings are being professionally dressed daily as there is a lot of discharge – but he did have an ever filling cyst which was long standing in this area before. He is on pain killers and antibiotics. My vets had never heard of STSS when I found it on a website – but they seem to be doing all of the right things, treating as a flesh eating bacteria until they know what it is. Is there something else we should be doing / considering as I am not sure even if we can get this under control how we can help him with the wounds, that can not be stitched together on one of his legs. He has it on both, but one is not as bad so has been stitched.

    He has been through a lot in his life, with opts to eyes, MST, cysts, ear and skin problems and we really want to do the right thing for him.

    Thank you for your help

    Kind regards



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