Forever loving homes

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We all love a story that has a happy ending. Here are some of ours. For current dogs available for adopting, please visit our Facebook page.

“I could talk forever about our beautiful Shar Peis ………a funny breed……but we love them!” Read more

Celebrating Two years of having Bailey in our lives! Read more

She was post surgery 9 weeks here after losing her front leg from neglect. She was placed in a Foster home following surgery to save her from uthanasia….Find out more

My partner and I were searching for Shar Pei puppies on the intranet when we came across the SPRGB. Read more here

On a Saturday night he used to wait patiently for a hand full of chips in a take away paper bag! There was no other way he would eat the chips! Read more here

The boys go everywhere with me, cafe’s restaurants and pubs. They are always the centre of attention. Read more here

After moving into our new house and losing my father in 2008 Teresa and I decided our family needed a dog. Read this most warming story here

The house felt so empty after John lost his beloved Shar Pei Bon Bon so he approached SPRGB tentatively expressing an interest in offering a home to another Shar Pei.

Meet Phoebe, a five-year-old Shar Pei rescued from the SPRGB one year ago by Liz and her family… more

From the first night she slept on my bed and has done so every night since….read more

From the moment we first saw Coco it was love at first sight. She was so worth the wait!…read more

When Martin and Lorna first met Nahla she was just under a year old, so beautiful and bit wary of new people…read the full story

India, a bear coat Pei joined Mike and Amie in September 2016 as a puppy…their story

In Dec 2017, Angel came into the Rescue in a very bad state. Jacqui and her family took one look at her and knew they had to adopt her…Read her story

After losing their beloved Shar Pei girl Izzy, Sara and her family wanted to give another Pei a loving forever home…more.

Kuna is a gentle, loving, friendly cheeky little soul. Read more.

This adorable bear coat Shar Pei is Sophie. Read more.

Bella and Winston, they have been adopted by Chris. He took on not only his first Shar Pei in 1989, but the first parti coloured (multi coloured) Shar Pei ever born in the UK! Read more.

This is Paula and Brunky’s story. Read more.

As a responsible rescue, we always try and ensure a good fit so that the dog and the new owners are safe and enjoy each other for the rest of the dog’s life. Poppy is an example of this. Read more.

Kye is an 8 year old Pei who was adopted by Tabatha and Alex on 6th February 2017. Read their story

We are 3 beautiful Pei called Blossom, Esme and Ruffin, in short The 3 Amigos. Oh and our dad is a rockstar!

The Whitworth family met Paul and his Shar Pei Luna at the Race for life, what happened next you can read here

Dominic was just 12 weeks when Dean and his family adopted him end September 2016. Read the full story

Say hello to Dudley and Casper. Both beautiful Pei have been adopted by Lorraine W., a very special lady who dedicates a lot of her time and effort in helping the Rescue and the dogs.

Meet Rocky and Runa. The two Shar Pei that love to hang-out in school. Here is their story

Meet Lesley. She has fostered over 30 Shar Pei and adopted 3. Here is her story

Winston moved from the UK to Overijse in Belgium. Meet Winston and his parents Jochem & Liesl. Read the full story