Rest in peace our beautiful boy Askey age 13.

We adopted Askey on 21st July 2010 from the SPRGB when he was approximately 3 years old.

It’s been 10 years since we had the most beautiful Shar-Pei we have ever seen, it’s with great sadness our poor boy has passed at the end of February. Askey has broken all of our hearts as a family as he was well and truly one of a kind.

Askey gave us nothing but love and affection and the best 10 years we have ever had with all the usual Shar-Pei traits!!

On Askey’s arrival to his new home with the Hammond family we learnt very quickly he wasn’t a fan of cats or dogs! But in the end he lived with two cats and used to go on holiday to Wales with family dogs.

Askey had the usual Shar pei traits he never liked the rain, we used to take him out for walks and you would catch Askey sneaking under the umbrella to hide!!

When it was ‘walkies’ we used to have to chase him round the dining room table because he was so excited to go out for walks especially if it was icey and cold! Askey was walked twice a day every day, and he used to pick his route himself!

Askey had so many ways including he hated the football so when football was on the tv he used to try and climb on your lap for some loves.

As many people know with Shar Peis they are very unique in there ways which includes dinner time. Askey would only eat his dinner on light coloured floor and you had to take your coat off for him to eat his dinner.

When it came to protecting the family/family home Askey was always on guard! You couldn’t step one foot on the driveway without his ears twitching! We even got complaints off the window cleaner because he would never leave him alone whilst cleaning the windows! Along with the postman and delivery drivers!

When it came to food Askey was obsessed with chips! On a Saturday night he used to wait patiently for a hand full of chips in a take away paper bag! There was no other way he would eat the chips!

In summer time we used to take Askey to the caravan in Wales, he loved the beaches and would go everywhere even to pubs!

And last but not least Askey adored his sleep and his bed! Every night at 9.30pm he used to take himself off to bed with or without you!

We have never met such a gentle Shar-Pei, who was so loved and greatly missed!

We love you Askey, you’ve left paw prints on our hearts! 💙

We can’t put into words how heart broken we are to said our goodbyes to our beautiful boy but his waiting for us over the rainbow bridge.

We found it so difficult without having such a special little friend around. So we got back into contact with Paul from SPRGB and we have adopted another beautiful Shar-Pei! His name is Ted and he is 11 months old. He is the sme as our special boy but is fluffy and we are totally in love!!

The Hammond Family (Andrew, Sharon, Sophie and Lee)