Bella and Winston

Bella joined Chris in June 2015 and it was love at first sight. “I collected her from Essex and on the journey back she laid her head on my lap and that was it, I was her human. She was off lead within a week and has been the easiest and most delightful dog I have ever owned. Bella loves people and other animals, is very good with strangers and has become a good ambassador for the breed locally.”

And then along came Winston in 2017. “Bella needed a companion so I contacted Paul and he spent ages finding what her thought would be a good companion to Bella. Eventually I got a call saying he had a rehome not too far away from me and along came Winston a 13 month old Apricot.

After a couple of phone calls I went to visit him and he came home with me straight away. He walked into the house and within an hour he and Bella were playing like old friends. He is a bit of a thug when he wants to be but it’s his age and he just gets very excited.”

I can’t thank Paul enough for pairing me with these two.