Cassie and the Whitworth family

Hi, my name is Cassie and my story started when my forever Mum and Dad met Paul Saxton and his Shar Pei Luna at the Race for life.  My Mum went to talk to him, because she has always loved wrinkly doggies.  Paul told her that he ran a rescue and that they should look at Facebook if they were interested in adopting a dog.

My mum went straight home and had a look and there she saw a picture of me.  She instantly fell in love and persuaded my dad that they should see if they could adopt me.  They called Paul and arranged to meet with him. He then did a home visit to make sure that my mum and dad would make a good job of looking after me.

On the 20th June 2015 my Mum and Dad came to pick me up from my foster Mum and Dad’s house Lesley and Andy Jones.  I had a lovely time whilst I was living with them and they taught me really important stuff like how to be house trained and how to get my own way by looking really cute and giving people my paw.

To begin with I was very nervous with my new family but over time and by my forever family (Julie, Andy, Chloe, Hayden and Cassie) allowing me to get use to them and to do things in my own time I realised that they loved me very much and would only ever be kind and protect me.  I am now very soppy and like to give everyone kisses on their noses, this is because my Mum has always kissed me on my nose (even when I have been naughty!!)

My forever family and I can’t thank the SPRGB and Lesley and Andy Jones enough for what they have done for us and for putting us together so perfectly.