Coco and Emma

From the moment we first saw Coco it was love at first sight. She was so worth the wait!

This adorable little girl is Coco. She came to live with Emma and Adam in August 2017. “It took a good few weeks after home videos of our life style was sent over before we got a call from the Rescue to say that a perfect match had been found for us. The next day we went to pick up Coco in London.”

She was a bit unsettled the first night but Emma and Adam slept on the floor in their front room to comfort her. “For the next few weeks we had Paul on speed dial. He was amazing and helped with every query. We must have driven him nuts but he was patient and kind and answered all our questions.”

Today, Coco is like our only child and we cannot imagine life without her. She has brought us so much love and happiness. She comes to work with us everyday, sleeps in our bed and loves cuddles and her morning walk.