India and Mike

The adoption process went really smoothly. The SPRGB team provided nothing but excellent guidance throughout the process which was very in depth with a video of my premises and itinerary plan in order to ensure the dog was looked after.

India, a bear coat Pei joined Mike and Amie in September 2016 as a puppy.

A year and a half later and India has grown up to be an excellent dog with the personality that we were looking for. India likes nothing more than sitting on her own chair and sleeping for a minimum of ten hours a day! She’s a very lovable dog and gives regular cuddles.

We’ve never really had any incidents as such apart from the normal things like her running away on a walk as a puppy only to be found neck deep in mud! She’s never run away since that day. The one no-no is never leaving anything paper based on display when leaving the house that you may want on your return. She has a habit of destroying every letter that’s come through the post box and even an author signed book. She gets away with this however with that ‘dopey Shar Pei’ look.