Adoption conditions

Before considering adopting a dog, please note our adoption conditions.

The SPRGB accepts no responsibility as to description, condition or health of the animal adopted, and gives no warranty of any kind or implied.

The SPRGB strongly advises all adopters to arrange appropriate 3rd party insurance cover against risks referred to above, and also the cost of veterinary treatment.

The SPRGB is unable, therefore to accept liability for any consequences whatever resulting from events attributable to the failure to give information or the transmission of wrong information from a dog’s previous caretaker.

Attention is drawn to the possible liability of those adopting dogs for damage or injury, which they may cause third parties or their property. In particular, liability which may arise in negligence under Section 8 of the Animal Act 1971 and in the case of dogs, Section 3 of the act imposes a general liability on the keeper of a dog causing death or injury to livestock. The possibility of an action for nuisance should also be recognized.

The dog is believed to be in normal health on leaving the SPRGB care except where specific conditions have been made known to the adopter in writing. The SPRGB is unable to accept liability for expenses of any kind arising from sickness developed subsequently.

In cases where a dog is known to possess a specific condition and the adopter is notified, the responsibility for and cost of future treatment shall be that of the adopter.

Information concerning the habits and past history of the dog is passed on by the SPRGB to the adopter in good faith. This is based on statements made by the previous owner, however there is no guarantee of reliability. We do our best to assess a dog before re-homing, but some problems aren’t always apparent.

The dog should be neutered (castrated/spayed) six weeks from collection.