Our Code Of Conduct

1.  We will never have a dog put to sleep unless told by our veterinary advice team it is cruel not to do so, regardless of the financial cost to ourselves.

2.  We offer warmth, care, food and shelter to any dog we take into our care, regardless of whether we can re-home the dog or not.

3.  We always accept any dog into our care and will not pass judgement on the prevailing circumstances by which the dog has been brought to us.

4.  All information given to this Rescue will always be held in the strictest of confidence.

5.  All dogs in the care of this Rescue will be carefully assessed and monitored before being judged fit for re-homing.

6.  Each and every person wishing to offer a Forever Loving Home to our rescue dogs will be thoroughly vetted and home checked.

7.  We neither condone nor condemn dog shows. Our policy is that we will not knowingly re-home any dog to anyone for the purpose of showing the dog or for the purpose of breeding, regardless of blood line or standard of pedigree.

8.  We insist that all rescue dogs be neutered /spayed within eight weeks of re-homing. Where possible financial assistance will be offered, dependent on available Dog Trust Veterinary Vouchers.

As a responsible rescue, we take our role of ensuring that the dog and the new owners are safe and enjoy each other for the rest of the dogs life very seriously.
This means we have to check out the dog and the potential new family to ensure it is a good fit and that neither dog nor human  is hurt in any way. We have to check and double check the situation which takes time. We also need to talk to the vets and other parties to better understand the medical condition and nature of the dog i.e is it nervous? Is it good with children? Is there aggression? Has it been abused before? All of this takes time and resources. We have limited resources and ask for your patience and understanding to let us ensure that our dogs go to loving, caring and safe homes.