Remember Ruby?  Thanks to your donations and support, she is now a normal, healthy girl happily playing with her new adopted family. Ruby was born with ‘flipper feet’, which basically means her ligaments were a little too long for her legs. With loving care and therapy, she is now living a normal and happy life.

Thank you for your support and contributions. We wish Ruby and her new adopted family many happy and loving moments together.


This is Ruby. She was born with ‘flipper feet’ which basically means her ligaments are a little too long for her legs. Despite being hardly able to walk since birth, this five month old little girl is a brave and sweet dog currently in the safe and loving care of a foster mother. The good news is that she can be fixed but we need your help. She is receiving veterinary care and treatment and we are asking for your help to raise funds towards this.

Ruby’s foster mom says she hasn’t stopped wagging her tail. They are planning to buy her a dog pram so she can go out on socialisation and metal stimulation. Apparently, she has even crept her way onto the bed at night …;0)

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