Casper and Dudley

‘The Pei have improved the quality of my life which has lead me to helping Paul and Linda with the admin of the Facebook pages. I now feel part of something and have been given a purpose. The Shar Pei Rescue Of Great Britain doesn’t just save dogs it also saves people.’

After being stricken with an illness six years ago, Lorraine’s life turned upside down and decided to get a dog for company. Following a lot of research she and her husband Chris decided on a Pei after learning about their sensitivity and loyalty.

In November 2011 they adopted Dudley, a cuddly bear coat who had horrific injuries including having been tied up with a nylon type rope that had cut right through his neck. Pictured here is a happy Dudley thanks to the love and care from Lorraine and Chris.

In April 2016 they were blessed with a very special gift called Casper. He had a sad start in life following a botched eye operation from an inexperienced breeder which left him blind despite the efforts from the Rescue and their dedicated vets. After getting the best of care by his foster family, Casper joined Lorraine and Chris and it has been a joy for all ever since.

By the way, some of you may remember Casper and may have even helped with his treatment through your kind donations.