Edwina and Poppy

Edwina and her family adopted Poppy in April 2012 as a companion for their seven year old Pei – Mr Bo – who was wary of others due to eye issues.

Paul kindly found sweet and gentle Poppy for us. He coached us on how to first get to know a new dog as it’s a bit like two strangers meeting for the first time. We picked her up at a junction on the motorway and, after saying good bye to the people who had delivered her, we went to get back into the car only to find she had seated herself in the driver’s seat and wouldn’t let us back in. Eventually I managed to get into the back seat and coax her into her bed. I spent the whole journey back to Nottingham talking to her. Just as we indicated to come off the junction 24 she licked my hand and we fell in love.

Although half a size of Mr Bo, Poppy was very much the boss. She was always very gentle and loving and over the years as he’s got older she took over the greeting job and the guarding job calling upon him for back up as she never posed a threat to anybody. She acted as his eyes when he went blind and cleaned his ears regularly as he has very tightly formed and has always been prone to infection. It used to make us smile how she would give her instructions to him.  From day one she was the perfect fit for our family.  She was such a gentle and loving soul and gave us many hours of joy and amusement especially her creative efforts in avoiding water during her many walks.

Sadly about 18 months ago she started to get Shar Pei fever which lead to complications.  Last week we lost our beloved Poppy. She is sadly missed by my son and I and all the people she made friends with. But most of all she is missed by her lifelong friend Mr Bo.”