Frankie, who was adopted by Cliff & Claire and his new brother Yogi, has fully integrated into his new forever home and wins over everyone who meets him. This adorable little guy now travels by car, bus or train and absolutely nothing fazes him if he’s with his big brother.

Cliff takes him for a walk in the morning and evening. ‘For a dog that had some previous issues with home damage during separation, he is now so tired he really doesn’t move during the day. Teaching him to walk nicely on the lead took its time, Frankie had been in charge of the walks previously.

With the help of Yogi, he has now advanced to spending most of the time off-lead. The beach being their favourite as it gives them so much space to roam. They have a staring roll in a local pack walk for dogs that have some issues, Yogi and Frankie both go and are a calming influence on the pack and smash the breed stereotyping.’

Early on he had a few health issues but a weekly bath with medicated shampoo and plenty of good food has seen him fill out in his body now to a healthy 22 Kg.