I was first introduced to the wonders of Shar Pei by Paul Saxton when my world fell apart after the loss of my two year old son in 2011. I was lonely, scared and very sad when we adopted Gus from the SPRGB. He was the best dog you could ever ask for and gave me the unconditional love I needed. He had a few skin issues but Paul helped us through it and we had many special years together.

We were hooked on Pei and adopted Coco, a 6 month old with a lot of issues with help and separation anxiety. With love, time and the company of Gus, she is today our beloved wise 6 and a half year old girl.

Then came Ollie. He had a bad start to life and came to us with a lot of scars. He was terrified of men but with time and love he and his human dad became best of friends.

And then there are the pups. I have helped so many over the years and have gained so much from being a foster mom. We treat all of them as if they were our own. They get house trained and spoilt rotten. I even take the dog crate to bed so they are near me.

Esmay with her big brother

I fondly remember Caspar, my one eyed boy who came to me when he was just eight weeks old with very bad eyes due to breeder ignorance.  Sean the vet did everything he could to save his eyes but it was not meant to be. Little Casper readjusted and nothing stops him now. He is an angel that is now happily living with his forever mom and dad.

It’s my best when people come back to the Rescue for a second dog. I fostered Esmay (in the picture with her big brother) who recently went to live with another dog I looked after. The new owners keep me updated on their progress – I love that.