Nahla and Martin & Lorna

I love my new mam and dad massively. I will always love my other family and will never forget them and mam keeps in touch with lot’s of photo’s and messages to let them know how I am doing.’ Nahla

When Martin and Lorna first met Nahla she was just under a year old, so beautiful and bit wary of new people. Transitioning from her original family was tough at first but with patience, love and a lot of hugs, she soon became a beloved member of her new family.

She is the most loving girl and we could not be without her. She loves playing with her toys and there is never a dull moment. We love her to bits and it is truly amazing how many people stop and says how beautiful she is. We are and will always be grateful to the SPRGB team for accepting us to adopt her and very grateful to her owners for letting us adopt her.