Stanley joined our home in May and is already a loving part of our little family. I have never known a dog to settle in so well and quickly before, I think even Paul is surprised.

My partner and I were searching for Shar Pei puppies on the intranet when we came across the SPRGB.

We got in contact with Paul and told him what we were looking for. Admittedly, this process from first contact with Paul to putting the adoption through did take a couple of weeks, however we are glad it did. Paul made sure that Stanley was the right dog for us and he definitely is.

The first night he was crying a bit, but then came to sleep up stairs on the landing, which is where he seems to have settled. He loves his squeaky toys and treats and going for long walks. The first mention of a walk or going for a wee, his tail is wagging and he is running backwards and forwards to the front door, then jumping up at us as if saying ‘come on, hurry up’.

His funniest quirk we have noticed so far is when we leave him on his own. We have come back in to find my partners bra on the floor in the living room, this was definitely not there when we left the house.

Paul is very good and very knowledgeable with the breed, I’ve rung him on a number of occasions for advice and he has known the answer straight away with out question. He takes his time to get the right dog for the right household.

Luckily, we love relatively close to Paul, I took Stanley to the vets and Paul came to meet Stanley and myself. I ended up going for a coffee so Paul’s wife Linda could meet him too. He met Linda and Paul’s Shar Pei, Rosie (also from SPRGB of course) and got on like a house on fire.